Red Prawn Salt Shaker

  • Red Prawn Salt Shaker
  • Red Prawn Salt Shaker
  • Red Prawn Salt Shaker
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This elegant white ceramic salt shaker, with a wooden lid and a detailed drawing of a red shrimp, is a meticulous work from the ABCO Pottery Studio in Pollensa, Mallorca. Functional and artistic, it brings distinction to your kitchen or table. The wooden lid preserves the freshness of the salt, while its compact size makes it ideal for everyday use. The unique design reflects the passion for traditional ceramic techniques, ensuring quality and durability. Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean charm with this piece, a perfect gift or treat that adds the beauty of Pollensa to your home.

Width x Height : 12.5x10 (cm)

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White ceramic salt shaker with wooden lid and red shrimp drawing, handmade in Pollensa, Mallorca