Caproig and Coral Salad Bowl

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the Mediterranean with our artisanal salad bowl "Caproig y Coral". Inspired by the vibrant seabed, this 31 cm diameter work is a tribute to underwater nature. Made of delicate white ceramic, its concave design is a canvas for a captivating marine scene. In it, a caproig (typical Mediterranean fish) and two corals shine in bright red, orange and sea green colors. This salad bowl is not just a container for your salads; It is a centerpiece that adds a touch of craftsmanship and marine charm to your table. It is perfect for lovers of art, nature and crafts, who seek to incorporate unique and meaningful elements into their daily lives. A fusion of functionality and aesthetics inspired by the serenity of the Mediterranean.

Width x Height : 31x9 (cm)

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'Mediterranean Caproig and Coral Salad Bowl - Handmade Marine Decoration, 31 cm'